Friday, 18 July 2008

A New Writer joins the ranks!

So I've bought in a partner to help with finding bands and this person is simply known as Jesster. In a way I feel like BTB has its own version of the Stig. Well welcome Jesster to the team and I hope for a long and prosperous working relationship. As Jesster is new I feel we should use their band review to kick off this post. Here it is:

"For my first review, I’ve gone for a local band. Whipcord are a trio of Mancunians, with a rocky sound that hints towards influences of Queens of the Stone Age and Motorhead. They aren’t breaking into new never-heard-before areas with their sound, but they don’t need to. Their blend of music is perfect to rock out to, and is a welcome change from the generic indie bands that dominate the current Manchester music scene.

And the best thing? They’re constantly gigging, so there’s no excuses for missing them live!"


A great band brought to our attention by Jesster. Cheers for that.

Right now a couple of bands I've found for you to peruse as well. The first is from Tunbridge Wells and they are called Welcome to Winchester who are a 4 piece indie rock band. They seem to get their influences from all sorts of rock bands from Queen to Biffy Clyro. What they do is create some great tunes that in my opinion need to played loud to get the full effect of the sound Welcome to Winchester are trying to put across. They have a number of shows coming up so go check them out live.

Aran's Favourite Song: Sight

And for our final band today we have Frosted Tipz, who blend electro and rock perfectly. They hail from Edmonton, Canada and have been making music since 2004. This foursome know how to make some brilliant music and honestly I'm surprised they haven't really been heard of outside of Canada. I predicting that electro rock is the future and Frosted Tipz will be one of those bands to rise to the top because it.

Aran's Favourite Song: Sea of Bronze

And that's it for today. Just want to once again say welcome to Jesster and also hope you, the readers, enjoy the music that Jesster and myself recommend. Remember to contact BTB do the following:

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