Monday, 2 March 2009

So I had a bit of a relapse...

Okay so I didn't post this weekend. Life has a funny thing of throwing unexpected events at you. That's all I have to say about that. Remember I've already cleared myself for not posting the weekend coming because I have quite a lot of things going on and I will barely be on the computer. Also today, I did voice training and after listening back to some old recordings I'm glad I did. I was all monotonous and boring. Bad times. Well when I have the podcast up that will change. Speaking of the podcast, if you want to have one of your songs featured on it contact me at Right onto the bands.

The first band we have are from Enfield, North London and go by the name of Retro Crooks. These guys are an alternative band with a great sound going between slow beats to fast rhythms. This mix works so well with how this band play and instantly draws you into them. Their songs about guys, girls, relationships and all the bits in between. Of course that subject has been done over and over (see the history of all music) but Retro Crooks seem to bring a new life to it and its hard to get bored of a subject that seems to have been taken away and polished to reveal something new underneath all that old stuff. The same could be said about Retro Crooks. They are by no means the first band to do what they do but they are a refreshing one.

The second band we listen to is called Draw Me Stories, from Cardiff, Wales. These guys describe themselves as an alternative folk rock band and its not hard to see why. You have the folk rhythms backing up with some very interesting lyrics. Draw Me Stories seem to be quite downbeat but they pull it off in such a way that you enjoy yourself and your nodding along to their music, well thats what I was doing... Anyway I'm really liking these guys and they do have a debut EP avaliable which I think would be a wise buy and could be one of the best records of the year.

I tell you what is a shame. Both these bands are unsigned and yet producing great music. They may not hit it big this year, a shame for the mainstream, but they have what it takes to knock down all barriers and by the beginning of 2010 start to invade. That's why both bands are BTB Rising Stars of 09.

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