Friday, 30 October 2009

More music for you lot.. (Live review)

I've been absent a while, blame univeristy life and all its trials and tribulations. However I do have a guy for you lot to listen to and keep an eye out for.

Thabani Nyoni is a guy who embraces the African beat into his music, leaving a memorable impression on all who hear it. I was at a gig of his last night and Thabani and his band were easily the best act of the night, getting everyone to sing along and having a charisma many stage performers could only dream about.

Right from when Thabani and his band took the stage, I knew something different was coming, something I would enjoy. It was a sentiment shared by mates with me. This anticipation to see what was coming stopped me from leaving after the second act and battle through my tiredness. I did not regret staying. Thabani brought the whole place alive with people dancing to the beat.

The best song of the night that got people singing long after it finished was Fire In The Village. Thabani sang "There's a fire!" We sang back, "Fire In The Village." Actually amazing. I've been to a lot of gigs and I'm going to go to a lot more but Thabani and his band are one of the few who's stage presence I will not forget and who I will look out for in the future. If you're going to Glastonbury 2010, make sure you check these guys out, it'll be worth it.

Also Thabani, if you're wondering who wrote this, I was the guy in the grey t-shirt who asked if you had an album out. If you want to still add me to your e-mail list it's

Listen to Thabani now!