Friday, 30 May 2008

Got that Friday Feeling.

Just a little warning before we being with today's 2 acts. I will not be updating tomorrow or Sunday because it's my university's Summer Festival, the biggest event in the social calender lasting from 1pm tomorrow until 5am Sunday Morning so I will be very hungover/ sleeping all day Sunday. FOr anyone who is curious, The Automatic will be headlining it.

Anyway enough of my life and on with the music. For the first band we find ourselves in Syracuse, New York with a group called Theft. Theft came together early this year and the band members are Jamie with her serene vocals, Benjamin with his expert guitar playing and backing vocals, Reuben on bass who creates excellent basslines and also backing vocals and Nick who plays the drums expertly. All 4 sound like professional musicians who have been working together for years, not just a few months. I'm excited to see with what they come up with in the next few years.

Now we move 3000 miles west to Los Angeles, California and a poppy rocky trio called Good on Paper. The three members of the band are Nate, Rebecca and David. There is something familiar about Good on Paper but at the same time they have something different. You can't really place your finger on what that difference is there but you feel it everytime you listen to them. Give them a listen and relax.

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Update on a Sunny day.

It's a nice sunny day today, I'm a bit hungover but all is well. Remember, send me suggestions here or at Anyway you're not here for my personal life story, you are here for the music so on that not lets get cracking.

We start in the Windy City aka Chicago, Illinois and a band called Pipe. They say they sound like "...getting beat with a 3/4 inch galvanized steel pipe...slowly." Can't say I've had such an experience so I'm going to say if you are a fan of bands like Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed or Papa Roach then check out Pipe. They are four very talented musicians and I can see them going far in this industry with their music. If you are not a fan of the above mentioned bands, give Pipe a listen anyway and maybe you'll find the band that you have been looking for. Check them out live in the upcoming weeks around the Chicago area if possible.

Now we jump back to England and once again find ourselves in Brighton. They must have something in the water down there because of all the quality acts coming out of it. That quality doesn't falter with a band known as Heels Catch Fire, who are every bit as interesting as their name suggests. Their tunes are a great listen and keep you wanting more even when the final note has been played. I'm backing his band as strong contenders to break into the charts and have their songs played at clubs all over the country, filling the floors until your heels do catch fire.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

The 8th Day

Right, I didn't update yesterday because I was helping out at a Fairtrade Fair so didn't have time to update. Anyway that's all in the pass and we're looking to the future, the future of music. It's time for the next update of BTB Music.

For the first band we travel to Toulouse in France and a band called Plug In who are a mix of Rock and Pop. The majority of Plug In's songs are in English so don't let the excuse of a language barrier get in the way. Just listen and relax. My favourite song by Plug In is "Take Me". It has that beat which makes you want to dance and sing along and in my opinion could become an indie disco favourite. They've been around for just over a year and are fast gaining popularity in their native France. So Plug In your headphones and listen.

The next band I think are great hail from Worthing in England. They go by the name of RedManRed and are 4 piece indie rock band lead by the distinctive voice of one Madeleine Poncia. In my opinion, Madeleine's voice is what makes this band stand out from the rest of crowd which is backed up by some excellent musicians, Ollie Darby on Bass, Mark Dobson on guitar and James Cosgrave on drums. My favourite RedManRed song is Plugged In which I feel brings out the best in every individual that forms this band. Keep an eye on this band and if possible go watch them at one of their upcoming shows around the South.

Well that's another update for you to peruse over. Remember give me feedback and suggestions.

Monday, 26 May 2008

Bank Holiday Update.

Yes today is a bank holiday, but I'm not taking the day off. I like this work to much to give it up. It's the 7th post already and this project as allowed me to find so great musical talent. JUst a quick update on some of the previous acts mentioned. Battery Acid are working on a new song with Ben from Furisode so keep an eye on that. Wooden Boy are showcasing this Saturday at the Dome in London so get down there if you can. On to today as I bring you another 2 acts for your listening pleasure. So let's start this Bank Holiday with a bang.

We start with a band know as Sound The Attack who are loud which already puts them in my good books. I'm going to class these guys as a Metal/Prog band. Their sound is very definitive and they have already gained exposure on MTV2. Deservedly so too because JoJo, the lead singer as a great voice backed by another great voice from Gilby. Rob who is on lead guitar is an exciting guitarist to listen to and Dan, who is on Bass knows how to put together a good bass line. Alex on drums then brings in the beats to round off an impressive music group who have a lot of talent. My favourite track is Behind Closed Doors, though their other tracks are all close seconds. I hope Sound The Attack have an album coming out soon because it will be a definite must buy.

Now we move to rap/r&b and the music stylings of Straptown ENT who are a good listen. Personally, I think they're better than the likes of 50 Cent, but that may not mean much because I'm not a big 50 Cent fan, that would be my younger brother. Straptown ENT have a nice mix about them, from the future floor fillers like "Hell Yeah" to the slower songs like "Slow Things Down". Keep listening to these guys and maybe they'll be on the radio in the near future.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Double Whammy!

Well I didn't update yesterday due to other important events coming up. Due to that we're not going have the usual two bands reviewed. Instead we're doubling it up to four musical acts. I spoil you, I know. So today I've been milling through music sites and such to bring so more new music and after much searching I found some quality acts.

The first to be found today is a band from Cheltenham, England and their name is Carmen. This is rock at it's very best. The quality the band have put into their music really shows when you listen. The songs haven't just been thrown together. What we get is music where every note has been gone over in intricate detail to make sure it fits. If Carmen don't become a big band in the future then I will actually despair for music everywhere.

Now we move onto Anchors, who describe their music as a mix of rock, blues and powerpop. Their music is a nice chill out session. Nice way to relax and I think people should listen to this whenever they just need to relax. And if you don't need to relax then listen to their heavier songs like "Jack Meets John and Paul". Whatever you need Anchors are sure to meet at least one of your musical needs.

Now the genre of country is the next stop in this review and the music of one Casey Thompson. Now Casey Thompson has had a lot of exposure in the USA by performing on the Today show and she has worked with top producers. However even though all of this should gain anyone a lot of exposure, Casey seems to have so far missed that big break where she will become one of the biggest country singer/songwriters in a generation. Though she has gained exposure in the USA, it will soon be time she will gain exposure around the world and deservedly so.

Our final act that will be reviewed today is WindowLicker. Just reading their about me section introduces you to minds that have very strange thoughts and lead you to actually thinking about these thoughts. This may be why their music is good to listen and is different to a lot of mainstream acts apart from the likes of Radiohead. Tiffany, the lead vocalist of WindowLicker could be described as a female Thom Yorke. Keep an eye on WindowLicker as I think big things of this band.

Friday, 23 May 2008

Back from Holiday means Back to Business

So I have returned from my holiday which was very relaxing but that's another story for another time. This is about the music and so we shall crack on that. I received a message from Battery Acid about another band who they thought I should review. Well, that band was Furisode, a band from Eastleigh near Southampton. They are a rock/screamo band who I think are very good if that is the kind of genre you favour. They currently have two songs on their Myspace page, Cassettes and Time for Heroes, not to be confused with The Libertine song of the same title. There are 5 members of Furisode and I think they can get bigger if they get more exposure. Their songs have been very well composed and hook you in quickly before unleashing a powerful beast from within. Take 10 minutes out of your day and check them out.

Now onto Pop and a guy who produces, records, mixes, writes and arranges all of his own songs. These are the musical talents of one Frenchie! who is really putting himself out there. His songs are a great listen and will have you singing along within a matter of minutes. He will be embarking on a tour during the summer around the USA so catch him if you can and let his lively pop punk hit you with a force and engulf you in a musical frenzy.

Remember I want your feedback and suggestions. Do it now!

Sunday, 18 May 2008

On the 4th day

I bring to you the musical stylings of Clownshoe, who have an acoustic rock sound going. It's a laid back, mellow sound which is hard not to like especially when you want to relax. Clownshow have been around for 12 years with a lot of shuffling of band members. and are a regular act at La Bec Rouge in Hampton, New Hampshire so any people who go to that area check this band out. My favourite track would be Counting Blue Cars which would not be out of place in some kind of movie soundtrack and feels like it should already be on one. Clownshoe have become an established band in their area and due to that I feel their sound should be spread through to the airwaves and reach more people.

Now we move onto Copycats who use a variety of sounds to put together their music and I'd say they belong in the same sort of genre that is being piloted by the likes of Crystal Castles and These New Puritans. This lively"disturbed" trio hail from Manchester, England. If you can catch these guys live then do, I know Ill try to. To get the full extent of their music, turn up your speakers to full volume and jump around like a looney. It's the best way.

Anywho this will be my last update for a few days as I'm going on holiday with a few friends. SO while I'm away send me feedback, suggestions of bands you feel are good and should be reviewed. See you in a week!

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Day the 3rd.

Let's jump right into today's finds and we start with a punk band, a band called Battery Acid based in Fareham, UK. This band are finding their feet and though they have only written one song, Stop Pretending, it shows the talent they have. The recordings are raw, the sound scratchy but who cars about that? This band is very new starting up near the end of last year. Apart from their own song they have done covers of Greenday's 'Basket Case' and Mumm Ra's 'Out of the Question'. I think this band could put up a good live show and will improve as they settle into band life.

Now we make a big jump away from Punk and now to R&B and Rap. I now bring you the musical styles of Life Messiah_Tri State Kid, based in Florida, USA, who sounds like he should already be pulling in the millions. Many of you may ask what's so different about Life Messiah to all the other R&B stars out there. To that I reply why do you have to be different to be better. In my opinion Life Messiah is improving a well established genre. Don't be surprised to see this man breaking the charts in the near future.

So Day 3 has come to an end and once again I urge you to listen to all the artists mentioned. Expand your musical horizons.

Friday, 16 May 2008

Day 2

First of all I hope you enjoy the sounds of Abstract Ensemble and Wooden Boy. I would just like to extend my apology to Wooden Boy for not being able to make their show in London but whoever reads this should go along for a fun night. They are playing the Dome in London on the 31st of May. As I've promised before, this blog is all about bringing new music to the forefront and so today we once again jump across the Atlantic to a band called Who Is Chuy Vega?

Who Is Chuy Vega? are a mystery. Not much information is given about the identity of the band members, but that doesn't stop them pushing the boundaries and, dare I say it, do something different. Their music is a mix of indie and electro acoustic which blends really well with the voice of the vocalist, with her sweet harmony, bringing it all together. My favourite of the 2 tracks available on their myspace is Believe. Give it a listen and give this band credit that they deserve.

Now we move onto Table Fruit who describe their music as Other/Other/Other on their Myspace Page. I am not one to disagree. Just when you think you have Table Fruit figured out, they change again making it hard to pin them on the musical map. Still, after giving their music a listen I feel that their approach is something that needs to be recognised. Their music is a mix of different sounds that shouldn't go together but in some exciting and strange way they manage to pull it off. I applaud that. Get listening to them.

And so ends Day 2 of the quest. This blog now has a Facebook Page, just search for Aran Suddi Broken Toy Box New Music or go to the myspace page here.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

The Quest begins

Broken Toy Box Music is on a quest. A quest to find the raw materials that make up music and those who mould these materials into a refreshing sound. BTB Music does not concentrate on just one genre, but goes through all of them separating the good music from the bad so you don't have to. The quest begins today and it will be a long and laborious journey that will see a broadening of the each individuals music mind.

The first good thing I find on my quest is from the genre of Jazz. I'm not usually a Jazz person but that was before I heard the sounds of Abstract Ensemble. This Jazz ensemble is from Los Angeles and take their inspiration from the likes of John Coltrane and Miles Davis. Listening to their music just makes me want to sit out in the sun ( I would be if it wasn't for the rain) with my closest friends and a bottle of wine. That is how chilled out and relaxed their music makes you feel and appeals to Jazz and non Jazz fans alike. Give them a listen and it seems your problems just melt away.

Now we move away from the chilled out sounds of Jazz to the more gritty sound of rock. The music of Wooden Boy makes you feel like you should be in a dark basement head banging like there is no tomorrow. Based in Telford, England, these 3 rockers have a dedicated fan base and if that fan base doesn't continue to grow I will be very surprised. They play with the raw materials of music, like a child plays with toys.

That is the end of the first day of the quest and if I can keep finding musical talent like those of Wooden Boy and Abstract Ensemble then it looks for a very bright future.