Monday, 28 July 2008


Sorry I haven't been very active recently but a few days I just completely burned out as a lot of outside pressures got to me which meant I wasn't at all motivated or, if I'm being truthful, bothered about this place. However I'm past that but do expect a bit of disruption in the times I post because I am going to be at work a lot over the next few weeks.

Right to start Jesster once again graces us with a new review. The undercover reviewer who no one knows about, unless you do actually know the person behind Jesster...but we'll pretend you don't.

Another Manchester band for you :)

The Interruptions ( hail from Manchester and Blackpool,
and have been around since 2004.This band caught my attention because, as an indie band,
they’re not something I would usually listen to.However, as the intro to “Paul” played,
it made me want to give them a chance.
With influences including Joy Division
and the Stone Roses,they manage to catch the sound of these bands,
and spice it up with a little of their own flavour.
I’m sure these guys are going to have plenty of success.

Best song: Liquid


Now the first band I, Aran, bring you are called The Cuts from Paisley, Scotland,
an exciting indie punk band,with enough talent to take over the
UK with their tunes.They have a great variation singing about different
subjects and taking you through a journey which at times is slow but at others
speeds up which hurtles you forward through musical brilliance.
Keep an eye on this lot because I sense big things.

Aran's Favourite Song: We're Alright

And the final band to bring musical joy to my ears are called The Mouth, from somewhere
in the UK, the exact location which alludes me. However what does not allude me is the fact that The Mouth are a great band. Granted I've only heard on of their songs, entitled Bow And Arrows. I look forward to hearing more from these guys and I don't think we're in for a long wait.

Aran's Favourite Song: Bow and Arrows obviously....

Right that's it for this day. We'll bring you more in a bit.

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Thursday, 24 July 2008

If Music were...

In my humble opinion music is like a mine. You have to dig and dig through a lot of unimaginative or boring stuff before you find the few good gems. Some days you find a lot others nothing. I didn't post anything yesterday because I could not find a single musician that inspired me and that was after an afternoon of searching. Then and there I was about ready to give up forever and let this place die....However I'm going to keep on digging because I know there are more gems to find among the rubbish.

The first band are a very new band, just starting early this year and they are called Three and A Half Englishmen, who are from Kenilworth in the Midlands, England. Firstly I want to thank Three and A Half Englishmen for restoring my faith in music. These 4 guys are an indie band and sound like they've been playing the circuit for years, not few months, with their already distinctive sound. Sure they haven't brought anything new but I'm sure they will be an amazing band, one for the future because of the rate they are working at. They're coming out of nowhere but they'll soon be heard everywhere.

Aran's Favourite Song: Clowns

The second band are from a small village in Wiltshire, called Broughton Giffin which is near bath and they are called Port Erin. This 3 piece have been about since 2007 and mix a style of indie, funk and rock in a unique way. They mix the sound very well which keep their tracks fresh and exciting. Vocalist, ReubenTyghe as a voice that is very distinctive and sets Port Erin out from the rest as well as the rhythms and the sounds that are created by this exciting lot. Give them a listen.

Aran's Favourite Song: Day's Soon Fly

I'm afraid I've only got two bands today because of time pressure. I'll have more bands for you tomorrow!


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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

The 4th Podcast and more Music

Well finally I've managed to get a podcast up on the MySpace page. Get over there and have a listen...after you've read this of course. I'm quite glad all the sound has finally been sorted out which means a lot more better shows in the future to showcase new bands. If you are a member of a band who wants to be on the podcast send me an mp3 to It looks like good times ahead for Broken Toy Box.

Right the first band contacted me after reading this blog and they are The Black Tricks, who are from Herts, UK. The Black Tricks are a punk band who sing about all kinds of social observations. They have a great sound and I think they should've been signed up a long time ago bringing their music to the masses. I cannot find a single weak song among the ones they have on their MySpace page which speaks volumes about this band. If I were to recommend a punk band that stood out and were relevant to today then The Black Tricks would be that band. Check them out now.

Aran's Favourite Song: Look What You've Done

The 2nd band is called Inside the Far and are from the USA. They label themselvses as ant Alt./Prog Rock band and I agree with that but I'd also go to say they are infused with some electronica which gives rise to a new and exciting band steadily rising to the top. The sound they mix along with the hauntingly brilliant vocals of Christy Trinkler stays with you long after the last moments of one of their songs has stopped. That is the mark of a truly great band, to stick in your mind even though you are not listening to them.

Aran's Favourite Song: Anger Spins the Empire

And the final band today is called Change It To Jack, from Portland USA. This band has been about since 2005 and they produce some great rock/pop tunes. Some songs are slow which keep the mood nice and mellow and some of the songs are louder quicker which make you want to jump up and dance. They've recently signed with Greenland Music Group, hoping to spread their sound across the world. With the music they are producing that will surely be no problem. Change It To Jack have a bright future ahead of them and things can only get better.

Aran's Favourite Song: 10000 Pounds

That's the 3 bands for today. Remember the new podcast is up on the myspace.

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Monday, 21 July 2008

It's Summer...

Yes that's right, the summer holidays are pretty much upon us. It affects me due to now my brother and sister also being at home for the next six weeks which means updating this place is going to become a very difficult job indeed as well as recording. However I shall persevere or lock them both outside in the garden...I haven't quite decided yet. I'm going to be bringing you 3 bands today as Jesster will only be popping up from time to time.

The first band I bring you is called Next Day, from Santa Cruz, California who are a Prog Rock band who have some good tuneage. The two songs on their MySpace don't have any lyrics but they do have some excellent guitar playing. I know they have songs with vocals or they say they do so I can't say much more about this lot until they bring out some more songs and I can really see and the vocalists and the tune mix.

Aran's Favourite Song: Make Your Past

The next band I bring you is called Caledonia who are from Halifax & Toronto, Canada. These guys have something about them that makes them different but familiar. I want to say these guys sound a bit like the Editors but then I stop and think no they sound like someone else. They may play with your mind in this respect but they also make your mind appreciate good music which Caledonia have quite a lot of.

Aran's Favourite Song: City Is Burning

And the final band for today is called, Paid Pilots who are from Minneapolis, Illinois, USA an indie experimental rock band. I'm really liking these guys sound which mixes the traditional indie sound with some very well placed effects to make their music sound a lot more real and less generic and samey like the majority of the global indie scene. I said last time that electro and experimental bands are the way forward. Paid Pilots is another of these bands I expect to find success.

Aran's Favourite Song: Kito

Right I'm off now to record the latest podcast which should be up later today. In a bit!

Friday, 18 July 2008

A New Writer joins the ranks!

So I've bought in a partner to help with finding bands and this person is simply known as Jesster. In a way I feel like BTB has its own version of the Stig. Well welcome Jesster to the team and I hope for a long and prosperous working relationship. As Jesster is new I feel we should use their band review to kick off this post. Here it is:

"For my first review, I’ve gone for a local band. Whipcord are a trio of Mancunians, with a rocky sound that hints towards influences of Queens of the Stone Age and Motorhead. They aren’t breaking into new never-heard-before areas with their sound, but they don’t need to. Their blend of music is perfect to rock out to, and is a welcome change from the generic indie bands that dominate the current Manchester music scene.

And the best thing? They’re constantly gigging, so there’s no excuses for missing them live!"


A great band brought to our attention by Jesster. Cheers for that.

Right now a couple of bands I've found for you to peruse as well. The first is from Tunbridge Wells and they are called Welcome to Winchester who are a 4 piece indie rock band. They seem to get their influences from all sorts of rock bands from Queen to Biffy Clyro. What they do is create some great tunes that in my opinion need to played loud to get the full effect of the sound Welcome to Winchester are trying to put across. They have a number of shows coming up so go check them out live.

Aran's Favourite Song: Sight

And for our final band today we have Frosted Tipz, who blend electro and rock perfectly. They hail from Edmonton, Canada and have been making music since 2004. This foursome know how to make some brilliant music and honestly I'm surprised they haven't really been heard of outside of Canada. I predicting that electro rock is the future and Frosted Tipz will be one of those bands to rise to the top because it.

Aran's Favourite Song: Sea of Bronze

And that's it for today. Just want to once again say welcome to Jesster and also hope you, the readers, enjoy the music that Jesster and myself recommend. Remember to contact BTB do the following:

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Thursday, 17 July 2008

Music and Caffeine really goes well.

So after waking up stupidly early today I've resorted to loud music and lots of caffeine to wake me up a bit. So far it's working slowly, I just need waking up or a lie in. Anyway, what musically gifted entities have I found for you today. Read on and you shall be enlightened.

The first act is called Wake Up Mordecai who are from Ohio in the USA. Francis and Mordecai, the two band members, create easy listening acoustic pop that even on a day like today, a cloudy rainy miserable day, they can't avoid cheering you up. They sing about girls and relationships and the ups and downs of the two. These guys are really worth listening to if you want some bright sunshine in your life. Do it now!

BTB Favourite Song: Girls don't ride in viking ships.

The next band I have for you is called Codego who are from Halifax in the Northwest of England. These six guys, Lee, Ozzi, Figgy, Sam, Danny and Alex, know how to create some great chilled out indie rock and some louder rock as well. They're making quite a name for themselves in the North and I'm sure it won;t be long before they are breaking ground all over the UK where their kind of sound is highly praised. Get a listening to Codego now ladies and gentlemen.

BTB Favourite Song: The Music will See Us Through

And the final band for today is Future Chaser from Derry, Ireland. Brilliantly loud punk rock from theses 4 gentlemen who were formely known as Organized Confusion. With their great sound I can't see anything standing in their way while they make music which really will bring out the rocker in all of you. I'm one of many who is excited by what Future Chaser do in, well the future.

BTB Favourite Song: Free

So that's that for today. I'm going back to bed...

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Wednesday, 16 July 2008


Again I have found it difficult to find musical acts that make any impression on me but I kept on going until I found some bands that were worth my time and worth your time. After filing through a lot of crap I want to thank these bands and all the others I have reviewed so far for keeping my faith in music strong. Also I'm searching as it were for someone to help me with this, an additional writer so if interested then contact me.

The first I have found that is very talented is boxViolet from LA (yes its LA again...) who to me sounds like a modern mix of Eurythmics and Blondie rolled into one. As soon as I heard the first beat from "Sad Sad Girl", I knew that I would be hooked into listening to every song boxViolet had to offer and then listening to them again just to hear the musical genius they hold. If anyone deserves worldwide fame then boxViolet are that band. I dare you to tell me these guys aren't talented because you'd be wasting your breath.

BTB Favourite Song: Sad Sad Girl

The next band I have for you is called Attention Now! from Stavanger Norway. Now this is of the best indie electro rock I have heard in a long time. The blend the sounds they have really well topped with two talented vocalists and some great musicians and you have a recipe for perfection. Attention Now! are that perfection you seek in everything else and more. I cannot find a single fault with this band...well one. I'm not going to be able to see them live for a long long time!

BTB Favourite Song: Sarcasm Shooter

And the final band I have for you today is called Noise Republic and are from Nottingham, England. This pop punk twosome know how to write some good tunes and lyrics. These guys are working on their album and if listening to the songs they have on their MySpace and Facebook page doesn't make you wait in anticipation for that release then nothing will. The music that Noise Republic create can be listened to in any situation and in a way gives the songs something of a keeper status by which I mean that their songs will not be forgotten 5,10 or even 20 years from now. Get listening!

BTB Favourite Song: Gambit

Download: Gambit from Noise Reoublic's MySpace

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Tuesday, 15 July 2008

The Music Notebook.

So I got a notebook yesterday to keep track of all the bands I have wrote about and was astonished to find I had written about 68 bands so far. I didn't know it had been that many already! Good times I feel and all quality bands I feel and I'm sure you all agree. Anyway I've noticed that people getting in touch with me, you guys, has dwindled so I say change that and send me a message at, join the Facebook group and tell your friends. It'd be nice to know who is actually reading this.

Right the first band I have for you is called Broken Mile who are from the UK and have a great sound about them. They really stand out from the current crop of music mixing rock and the blues in a brilliant and exciting way. Music has not been changed like this since the likes of Nirvana and Pearl Jam pioneered Prog. Rock. Broken Mile have such a great sound to them that's its impossible not to like this lot. I tip them to be one of the breakthrough bands of 2009 if not this year.

BTB Favourite Song: A Toast To Sympathy.

The second band I bring you is called Wheels On Fire who are from Athens, Ohio. Their rhythms they make echo from the past especially the 50's and early 60's which make them sound like a happy go lucky bunch of talented musicians. Every song makes you want to just jump up and dance and sing along with the band. Honestly this band makes me think that we should all be wearing leather jackets and hanging out in diners while the Fonz is standing in the back nodding his head along to the beat. If you don't like the songs and the image this band seem to portray then I feel sorry for you. Hooray for Wheels On Fire.

BTB Favourite Song: Too Stubborn To Fold

And the final I bring to you today is called Noterock who hail from Pasadena, California. who mix hip hop with indie rock to provide a great mix of tunes for your listening pleasure. They seem to take their influence from the very best of both the rock and R'n'B greats which means music that appeals to a wide range of people. I say give them a listen and let the music they make soak into your brain. You'll have their songs stuck in your head and even then you'll want more.

BTB Favourite Song: Rebound

Download of the day: I have to say download the songs from Broken Mile's MySpace. You will not be disappointed.

Monday, 14 July 2008

BTB Music: Mmm that's good listening.

Well its another week and I've decided that BTB needs a slogan, something catchy as it were so I'm opening up the floor to you readers. Think of a slogan for Broken Toy Box music and the prize is...well I haven't got that far yet....maybe a shout out on the podcast or playing a song you want to hear. So get thinking! Anyway new music is what I'm about so lets begin.

The first band are called Face Time Police and they are from Chicago, Illinois. Think of early Linkin Park and then you'll get what these guys sound like. These guys can range from everything to loud electro rock pop as witnessed with their song 'Of Man and Monsters' to rap as heard in their song 'Brittle Bullet' to acoustic melodies as heard in their song 'Dragonfly'. With such great range I can see Face Time Police appealing to all sorts of people who are into all types of genres. You rarely get a band who is willing to experiment with all sorts of genres so to find one of Face Time Police's calibre is a real treat. Give them a listen!

BTB Favourite Song: A Different Road

The next band is called Better Than Bedlam and they are from Louisville, Kentucky. They are a 4 piece indie rock band and have some quality tunes. Nothing exceptionally loud instead this band goes for the sit back and enjoy approach which works very well. Now the world is awash with indie bands so these guys belong to a large group but its the way they don't act loud but instead focus all their energy on the music that sets them further apart from the other indie bands. Give them a listen:

BTB Favourite Song: Day Number Nine

And the final band for today is called Armen Firmen who are from Melbourne Australia. They class themselves as an indie rock pop band and I am inclined to agree. Their tunes are easy to listen to and are as equally enjoyable to sing along with and dance to. As I write this their music is uplifting me so if it can have that affect on me who knows what it would do for you... Armen Firman have already had one of their songs 'Porch Dweller' as single of the week on iTunes so with this in mind maybe we've just found the next Australian band to put on a pedestal

BTB Favourite song: My Black Eyes (and this is just the demo!)

Unfortunately I don't have a download of the day today. Maybe tomorrow. Anyway I'm off for a nap. Enjoy the music!

Friday, 11 July 2008

Podcasts, Music and Facebook!

Righty oh the latest podcast is officially up:

Podcast The Third

Or alternatively you can now find BTB on Facebook.

Anywho what makes this blog is the music and I have some treats for you today. The first band is from Goulbourn, Australia and go by the name of Jester. No this foursome do not dress up like clowns with funny hats but yes they do play some of the best rock I have heard. They formed in 2002 and have played over 400 gigs. These guys are heavily influenced by the rock bands that graced the 70's and 80's and they bring that classic sound into the 00's very well. I can see why these guys have broken records at venues they have played and I can see them breaking records worldwide eventually. Give them a listen.

BTB Favourite Song: Fire

The second act I bring you today, from Waterbury Connecticut, USA, is called Closed Till Dark who infuse jazz, hip hop and R&B. Ryan Walker heads this project and brings in guest musicians to help him out. This is pure chill out music which you can tap your foot to or bob your head, do whatever you wish. If ever you need a soundtrack to lazy days or a chillout session all you have to do is stick on som Closed Till Dark because the skill and talent is there that no matter what type of music you like Closed Till Dark appeals to everyone. And to the record companies out there, WHY ARE YOU NOT FUNDING THIS?!

Favourite Song: Could've Been

And the final act for todays blog is Holding On To Sound from Siin City itself, Las Vegas. This three piece rock band show off the talent they have as loud as they can and they should. They stand out for no particular reason but that's the great thing about them. They don't need a reason, they just need to play and they'll instantly have you in their grasp as you dance and sing along. Take a listen and add them. Watch them rise!

BTB Favourite Song: Modern

And now the download of the day. I can't link you to it but you can get a free Cajun Dance Party track off of itunes. Do it now!


Good times!

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Music. Lalalalala!

So I haven't posted in a couple of days. Sorry been a bit busy with stuff at home meaning I haven't had much time to update this thing. It may be like that for the foreseeable future due to work commitments among other things. As I write this the 3rd Podcast is being uploaded but as usual is taking its time. I've spent hours going over it to make sure the sound is much better.

Right for the first band we have is called First City Fallen, a band from Edmonton, Canada. This fantastic fivesome to me are like a Canadian Feeder with a pinch of Rise Against. They're also generous as they let you download their whole EP for free from their MySpace. Now they haven't brought anything new to the music genre but they are one of the bands that have taken what has come before them, refined it so it fits and made it sound better. Just listening to them they sound epic and I feel they will gain a massive fanbase globally. Give it a year or two and everyone will be talking about First City Fallen.

BTB Favourite Song: Chemicals

The second band is called Second Sense and are from London. This indie pop group are brilliant, unique out of the mass that makes up the indie band population. The vocalists voice ( I would tell you her name but I don't know it) is great and has the influences of Arethra Franklin and some Dido. A great combination which leads a very talented band who draw influence from all genres giving such a distinctive edge to Second Sense. When I make my return to London, Second Sense are definitely at the top of my list of bands to see and I suggest you see them too.

Favourite Song: Tonight Tonight

And the third band is called Third Conduct, an all girl pop punk group. This tremendous threesome are from York, UK and have supported the likes of The Wombats and have 3 years of gigging experience. There's always been a lot of sneers when all girl punk groups break into music and unfortunately there will always been those who will sneer at such things. However Third Conduct are that band ,in in my opinion, to make a vast majority of people dump these stereotypes. Their songs are really great to listen to and sound like they are influenced from Green Day to Muse. I can see these ladies breaking new boundaries in the music industry and taking the next step to fame.

Favourite Song: Withdrawal

Also a new feature I'm adding. Download of the Day:

The song that I think is really good is a song called My Drive Thru by Pharrell, Santogold and Julian Casablancas. Some of you may have seen the advert for converse that this has been played in. Its an excellent song and you should download it:

My Drive Thru - Download

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Monday, 7 July 2008

A New Music Week

So we begin this week on a...well I don't know, that's for you to decide. However one thing tells me you're here, you're reading this and so you're expecting new music. Well... I don't have any...That's a lie! Of course I have new music, what would I be if I didn't? Well I'd still be me just without this I'm hoping blog and the podcast which I'm hoping will be 3rd time lucky with the sound. Onto the Music!

The first band is a duo from the Bay Area of California and they go by the name of Posterboy. This is great acoustic poppy punk from two talented individuals who I can see going far. Now a lot of bands kind of build up a generation gap however Posterboy are breaking down the barriers and are a band that everyone can enjoy regardless of anything. Could they be the new sound to the indie summer which has been a bit lacking? You better believe it.

BTB Favourite Song: Cold Stone

The next band are called Tentonic and are from Atalanta, Georgia. While listening to them I'm getting the impression they have been influenced by a lot of Brit bands including The Stone Roses and Oasis. Just listen to the track Blueprint and compare it to Wonderwall by Oasis. This by no way means Tentonic aren't a great band because they are and to see they are taking influence from such great bands only means that they themselves are aiming from greatness. It'a almost like Tentonic are an American made British band who should be playing the larger festivals over here such as Glastonbury (take note Eavis') because they would go down really well. Already making waves in the US I cannot wait for the day until Tentonic play their first major show here in the UK. It'll be one to remember.

BTB Favourite Song: Blueprint

And the final band for today is called Trashed on Fiction who are from New York. This is a smooth indie band who have a defining sound about them. You'll be hard pressed to find another band that sound like Trashed on Fiction. They flit between Acoustic melodies to pure rock songs with a bit of the roots music thrown in for good measure. A band you should check out live in my opinion if you are in the New York area. I'm sure they put on one hell of a show. Expect them to be getting bigger and drawing a huge fanbase and hopefully touring.

BTB Favourite Song: Igby and His Crockets

So ends another post. Remember contact me with suggestions or if you just want to talk:

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Friday, 4 July 2008

The Music...

No not the band, though they are quite a good band but the actual sound of it. It evolves ll the time so as usual I'll bring you some new sounds of music. Also I know a few of you have gone to the O2 Wireless Festival this week to see the likes of Beck, Morrissey, Jay Z etc and a whole load more of you are going to ZOO8. I have a favour to ask of those going, send in some reviews of what you thought of these gigs and some pics of your lovely selves. Get your point across. Is there a prize for this? Well no...unless you want become a writer for BTB. Get cracking.

Anyway the first band I bring you today is called Heroes In Error, though by listening to their music its very hard to find any errors at all. This indie 5some have some great tunes which you'll just listen to over and over again. This lot are from Surrey/London and have won the Most Entertaining Band award at Bookham Band Night so obviously these guys know what they are doing. They are taking a break for the summer but you can catch them live from September, so go watch these award winners.

BTB Favourite Song: Your World

We stay in London for the next act. Her name is Rosered and this is acoustic melodic pop at its best. This is the kind of music you can just kick back and relax to whenever you want to. Rosered's voice is quite harmonic and has a good range to it. Her song content vary between just singing along to relationships. She could be the next Sandi Thom but with some more hits. She has some shows coming up in August so go check her out.

BTB Favourite Song: Stonecold

And the final band for today is from Portland, Oregon and go by the name System and Station. System and Station are an alt. rock band in the same kind of section as Breaking Benjamin, 30's Seconds to Mars etc. Just read their about me section as well, this band isn't a quiet lot getting into all sorts of situations and more importantly have played with the likes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Obviously this band know how to party. The band has also gone through so many line up changes and so many moves however this hasn't stopped them from making great music. The band entity, as it were, has been around since 1998 so its been 10 years of gigging and creating some great songs. I fail to see why these guys aren't putting out albums and having their own headline tour. Maybe and hopefuly it will happen.

BTB Favourite Song: On the Way

So that's that for another day. Remember check the bands out and send some feedback to:
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Thursday, 3 July 2008

The 2nd Podcast and Some More Music

Yes the 2nd podcast is up however there are still some sound problems. I thought the tests I conducted before had sorted that out but obviously not. Anyway check it out at:

Not my preferred website but the file was massive. Anyway some more music you for you music loving lot.

The first band are making some big waves this year but the majority of people have not heard of them. This band is called Splinter X and they are from Berlin, Germany. To me they are a bit like Radiohead, the In Rainbows era, and have seemingly mastered the electro/rock partnership. They've won the Canadian Bodong Battle and have currently released one album entitled "The Sound of Revelation" which I would buy if I wasn't currently financial unable. They have a great sound and they are playing in L.A. in the near future. I'm predicting they go down very well there and then take on the world. Check them out.

BTB Favourite Song: "I Am"

The second band is from Atalanta, Georgia, USA and are called Legend Has It. They are an exciting band who are influenced by the likes of Blink 182, Metallica and Weezer. They are a solid band who I think have the ability to go far if they keep at making music. They can play slow ballad like tunes such as 'Work In Progress' and the faster tunes like 'Given The Chance'. If I were to tip a band that would replace the likes of Blink 182 and Sum 41 then Legend Has It is that band. Good luck boys.

BTB Favourite Song: Given The Chance

And for the final band we find ourselves back in London and the band in question? They are called Count Fisher. The tunes they play are very uplifting while the lyrics in some cases could be considered depressing. That doesn't stop me from tapping my feet while listening to Count Fisher and writing this. There's just something different about them from all the over bands currently out there. Sure all the big alternative bands are great to listen to but they all sound the same. Count Fisher are the thing that the British music scene has been missing and its about time these gentlemen got the exposure they undoubtedly deserve.

BTB Favourite Song: Where are you now?

Remember check out the bands, send me feedback, add them as friends, go to their gigs if possible. I'm off.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

More Music and Podcasts

So its official the first podcast is up and while I'm writing this the 2nd one is currently uploading. If you want to listen to the first podcast just go to:

The 1st BTB Podcast.

I'll give the link of the 2nd one once it is up on the MySpace. Anyway I'm sorry for the lack of updating recently, I've been quite busy with other things though that should now change. Well what have I found recently in the new music scene that I feel you should listen to. Read on and see.

The first band is called Falling Souls and they are from Port Olgin, Ontario, Canada and are an amazing 4 piece. They've had a few line up changes but it now seems they have the right mix of people to make some great music. Their sound of rock could be compared to that of Disturbed or Breaking Benjamin. Whatevey you think they sound like there is no denying these guys are very talented and are going places. They have an EP out but it could be tough to get a hold of if you don't live near these guys or go to a show of theirs. If you do then you must buy one. No self respecting music fan should pass the chance to own such musical masterpiece. Falling Souls is one of my big picks to be huge in the future and be heard worldwide.

BTB Favourite Song: Holidays Ago

The 2nd band that I have come across is called HUMANROOM who are from Washington D.C. They say it themselves that they sound like "everything you've heard before but in a good way" and I'm inclined to agree. While HUMANROOM aren't breaking down the barriers of music they are pushing them forward. HUMANROOM have an exciting sound. They sound great with both the acoustic side and hardcore sound of things which I think is great. Give this 4 piece a listen and you won't be disappointed.

BTB Favourite Song: The Highlander

And now for the final band. They are called National Snack and are from London. This band are really good and have played at the legendary Glastonbury festival. This is Punk making a comeback in one of its finest forms after a long time and it has been worth the wait with a twist of MoTown, especialy prevalent in the song "Soho". This uniqueness has been missing and I for one am glad National Snack are making songs like this. It's about time someone did. Some of their songs are available to download off of their MySpace page so do it. Also check out their Mischief Demo, it's ace.

BTB Favourite Song: Soho

That's that for another post. Now I'm off to wrestle with this damn upload service so the 2nd podcast can be heard by you lovely lot. In a bit!