Tuesday, 22 July 2008

The 4th Podcast and more Music

Well finally I've managed to get a podcast up on the MySpace page. Get over there and have a listen...after you've read this of course. I'm quite glad all the sound has finally been sorted out which means a lot more better shows in the future to showcase new bands. If you are a member of a band who wants to be on the podcast send me an mp3 to brokentoybox@hotmail.com. It looks like good times ahead for Broken Toy Box.

Right the first band contacted me after reading this blog and they are The Black Tricks, who are from Herts, UK. The Black Tricks are a punk band who sing about all kinds of social observations. They have a great sound and I think they should've been signed up a long time ago bringing their music to the masses. I cannot find a single weak song among the ones they have on their MySpace page which speaks volumes about this band. If I were to recommend a punk band that stood out and were relevant to today then The Black Tricks would be that band. Check them out now.

Aran's Favourite Song: Look What You've Done

The 2nd band is called Inside the Far and are from the USA. They label themselvses as ant Alt./Prog Rock band and I agree with that but I'd also go to say they are infused with some electronica which gives rise to a new and exciting band steadily rising to the top. The sound they mix along with the hauntingly brilliant vocals of Christy Trinkler stays with you long after the last moments of one of their songs has stopped. That is the mark of a truly great band, to stick in your mind even though you are not listening to them.

Aran's Favourite Song: Anger Spins the Empire

And the final band today is called Change It To Jack, from Portland USA. This band has been about since 2005 and they produce some great rock/pop tunes. Some songs are slow which keep the mood nice and mellow and some of the songs are louder quicker which make you want to jump up and dance. They've recently signed with Greenland Music Group, hoping to spread their sound across the world. With the music they are producing that will surely be no problem. Change It To Jack have a bright future ahead of them and things can only get better.

Aran's Favourite Song: 10000 Pounds

That's the 3 bands for today. Remember the new podcast is up on the myspace.

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