Thursday, 24 July 2008

If Music were...

In my humble opinion music is like a mine. You have to dig and dig through a lot of unimaginative or boring stuff before you find the few good gems. Some days you find a lot others nothing. I didn't post anything yesterday because I could not find a single musician that inspired me and that was after an afternoon of searching. Then and there I was about ready to give up forever and let this place die....However I'm going to keep on digging because I know there are more gems to find among the rubbish.

The first band are a very new band, just starting early this year and they are called Three and A Half Englishmen, who are from Kenilworth in the Midlands, England. Firstly I want to thank Three and A Half Englishmen for restoring my faith in music. These 4 guys are an indie band and sound like they've been playing the circuit for years, not few months, with their already distinctive sound. Sure they haven't brought anything new but I'm sure they will be an amazing band, one for the future because of the rate they are working at. They're coming out of nowhere but they'll soon be heard everywhere.

Aran's Favourite Song: Clowns

The second band are from a small village in Wiltshire, called Broughton Giffin which is near bath and they are called Port Erin. This 3 piece have been about since 2007 and mix a style of indie, funk and rock in a unique way. They mix the sound very well which keep their tracks fresh and exciting. Vocalist, ReubenTyghe as a voice that is very distinctive and sets Port Erin out from the rest as well as the rhythms and the sounds that are created by this exciting lot. Give them a listen.

Aran's Favourite Song: Day's Soon Fly

I'm afraid I've only got two bands today because of time pressure. I'll have more bands for you tomorrow!


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