Monday, 21 July 2008

It's Summer...

Yes that's right, the summer holidays are pretty much upon us. It affects me due to now my brother and sister also being at home for the next six weeks which means updating this place is going to become a very difficult job indeed as well as recording. However I shall persevere or lock them both outside in the garden...I haven't quite decided yet. I'm going to be bringing you 3 bands today as Jesster will only be popping up from time to time.

The first band I bring you is called Next Day, from Santa Cruz, California who are a Prog Rock band who have some good tuneage. The two songs on their MySpace don't have any lyrics but they do have some excellent guitar playing. I know they have songs with vocals or they say they do so I can't say much more about this lot until they bring out some more songs and I can really see and the vocalists and the tune mix.

Aran's Favourite Song: Make Your Past

The next band I bring you is called Caledonia who are from Halifax & Toronto, Canada. These guys have something about them that makes them different but familiar. I want to say these guys sound a bit like the Editors but then I stop and think no they sound like someone else. They may play with your mind in this respect but they also make your mind appreciate good music which Caledonia have quite a lot of.

Aran's Favourite Song: City Is Burning

And the final band for today is called, Paid Pilots who are from Minneapolis, Illinois, USA an indie experimental rock band. I'm really liking these guys sound which mixes the traditional indie sound with some very well placed effects to make their music sound a lot more real and less generic and samey like the majority of the global indie scene. I said last time that electro and experimental bands are the way forward. Paid Pilots is another of these bands I expect to find success.

Aran's Favourite Song: Kito

Right I'm off now to record the latest podcast which should be up later today. In a bit!

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