Sunday, 23 November 2008

Sunday Post

Yes I am doing the rare thing of posting on Sunday. I usually don't do this as I am more often than not hungover. I was expecting to be hungover today but what do you know, I'm not. So I thought I'd do something worthwhile, no not my Journalism essay, but write about our favourite subject, music. I feel on Sunday is the best day to listen to music because for me that's when the world stops being hectic.

Now, British Rap/Grime has only a few truly recognised icons in the mainstream music light such as Dizzee Rascal and Lethal Bizzle. However I think I've found one of the most exciting and probably one of the most important rap group that has ever existed. These guys rap to you about the real issues in the world in a brutally honest way and then leave you to deal with the questions raised. I give to you Scribe Tribe. I could write a lot of things about this lot but the true justice and appreciation for them is by listening to their words. If you truly appreciate music in all its forms then sing these guys praises, vote for them at:

Support them in any and all ways possible. Scribe Tribe, I salute you.

I, also for the first time, don't have a second band to mention. It's a first I know. I think I need to get my head together before I find some more talent. Until then...

Thursday, 20 November 2008

At last new headphones!

So why have I taken ages to actually write anything? Is it because I'm lazy? Maybe. Is it because I have had a ton of uni work to do? Possibly. Is it because my access to the Internet has been sporadic? Almost certainly. However the biggest reason is that I haven't had a pair of headphones to listen to music. Why is this important you ask? Well, when I listen to the bands I review I like to be surrounded by their sound so I can get a real feel for their music. That's a feeling you can't get out of speakers when other people are walking about and talking. Headphones help me block out the outside world and focus completlly onthe band at hand. I will say that posting for the next week shall be sporadic but from December 2nd I shall finally have the internet in my flat so I have no excuses. Onto the first band!

This first band are called Lite Brite. No! The glowing guys such as this one,

have not come together to creat a band, though that would be pretty cool. Lite Brite are a band from Sacramento, California and a great band at that. Take some influences from classic indie rock, mix them together with some contemporary sounds and you have what could be one of the most exciting sounds around today. These guys have a sound that could take you from sitting around listening to their music, to hearing it in an indie club somewhere and having you up on your feet. I have one thing to say to this band. Shine on Lite Brite, Shine On.
BTB Favourite Song: Shine On
The second band is from Oslo, Norway and go by the name of While You Slept. Now I have a love/hate relationship with music from the Scandinavian region. I'll tell you why, the biggest band from Scandinavia in the world was and still is ABBA. How can this still be the case when we have bands like While You Slept on the circuit?! It makes no sense! While You Slept combine the voices of Jakob Jones and Benedikte Wallace to create a vocal sound that cuts right down to the core of you. Combine that voice with some of the best muscians, Nikolai Grasaasen, Torgeir Beyer and Øystein M. Johansen and you get a sound that is really powerful, and full of talent. I'm now going to go start a campaign to get music management companies to have more scouts in the Scandinavian countries. If While You Slept are anything to go by, then it is pretty much an untouched treasure chest.
Favourite Song: Moments Gone
Thus ends another day of finding new music while bringing you guys some listening pleasure. To the two bands who I mentioned today, please keep making music as it is simply brilliant.