Thursday, 28 August 2008

It's been missions!

Yeah so apologies for being away for so long. I've been busy getting a lot of stuff sorted at work and for my upcoming move (only 12 days away!) so I haven't been able to find much new music. Instead today I will come up with a Top Ten of bands who I have reviewed/seen live for today. I need something to get me motivated so without further ado it's The BTB Top 10 so far!

10: boxViolet - boxViolet are one of my favourite bands because they are genuinely different. Their sound hails back to a bygone era when rhythm effects and sound effects were the key to making music that would top the charts. boxViolet are bringing that back and what a welcome return it is!

Favourite Song: It's still 'Sad Sad Girl'

9: Frenchie - This guy is Pop at its Poppiest and to say anything else is a lie. Frenchie doesn't try to disguise his pop sound, like so many artists do, but embraces it and that is the mark of a true musician. This a pop act Mika should be looking up to and saying I want to be like him because you know, Mika isn't great. Frenchie is.

Favourite Song: Oh What A Feeling.

8: Fire In The Hole - This is a rock band with a twist. You may think their sound is similar to others and then they bring in the funk. If the Red Hot Chili Peppers had kids with Michael Jackson then I'm sure Fire In The Hole would be their offspring. These guys were born to make music and make it they shall!

Favourite Song: The Human Race Erased

7: Sound The Attack - This group epitomises heavy rock and they do it well. It's all you can do to stop yourself becoming emersed in their sound and jumping and singing with them. So my advice. Don't stop yourself. Let Sound The Attack attack your senses with full force and you'll be all the better for it. Rock has found one of its new saviours.

Favourite Song: Bully Empire

6. Private Dancers - I love Brazil for many things and Private Dancers are one of them. This lot know how to make music that people will still be humming long after the songs have finished. If CSS were the first true big band out of Brazil then Private Dancers will be the second. I know it because I say it. To disagree that Private Dancers are an amazing band should be punishable in some way. I don't how but it would be painful.

Favourite Song: The Form

5. Carmen - Carmen are brilliant. They have such a great sound about them that I bought their album to hear the gems they hadn't put up on their MySpace. It's a brilliant debut album and I one I would recommend to anyone who is serious about their music. Their rock pierced with melodies makes for listening you won't forget.

Favourite Song: Be My Forever

4. Plug In - These French rockers are brilliant and were the joint pick of the bunch when I asked listeners for their band of the podcast when these were featured. Surely to be as big, if not bigger than their french contemporaries The Teenagers. We're reaching an age where, I hate to say it, guitar bands are becoming one and the same. Plug In have something about them that sets them apart and I can't wait for their EP.

Favourite Song: Misters

3. Crossed Keys - My favourite band from the USA. They won the Californian Battle of The Bands and for good reason. They're brilliant. They sent me their CD and I'm not bored with it at all. I really can't wait until Crossed Keys come to the UK. I'll be right at the front of the crowd singing along to all their songs. They had a big impact on me from the first listen and that impact gets better with each listen.

Favourite Song: Sin In a Bottle

2. PARK - Nothing can describe how mega their sound is. I can try but I wouldn't do them justice. This band need to be big. They just have too! Their songs, especially Not For Me and Nameless Faces, are so damn epic that they need to be played on the Main Stage at Reading and Leeds. Just listen to them and I know you'll agree. There's a reason I haven't stopped listening to them!

1. Letters From London - Okay so I never reviewed these guys on here but I've seen them live enough times to justify why they are number 1. I've followed these guys for the last 3 years and seen them grow bigger and better. They even have a Japanese street team! How many bands can claim that? They're live shows are always fantastic and if they can they will let you invade the stage on their last song. John Sterry creates lyrics as well as Pete Doherty if not better, Billy Smith plays Bass like a demon who's escaped from hell, Danny Smith plays the guitar like a mainiac because well he is one and Christian Parker bangs his drums like a madman with talent.

My Top 10 and I'm sure you'd agree. BTB is back! Woop!

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Still alive!

Alright no music in this post. It's just a confirmation that this place isn't dead. Hopefully I'll get things moving again within the next couple of days.

Friday, 1 August 2008

Damn Work!

Yes I have been working pretty much non stop so I haven't had the time to review any bands however this working condition should subside by Monday. Until then expect this to be the update to tide you over this weekend. Of course to do that I have to tantalize and tease you so that is what I will do.

The first band only have an EP teaser on their MySpace but this one teaser gives insight to more talent than most bands manage through a whole set list of songs. They go by the name of Kids Uncanny and they are from London. You can tell from this teaser they do all kind of styles and mixes and because of them I'm now going to have to end my money saving habit and buy their EP when it comes out. If this means I don't have heat for month then so be it because the talent this band shows is worth it.

Favourite Song: If only there was more than the teaser. I already need their songs!

The second band I have for you are called British Standard and after only hearing one song on their MySpace I think they are brilliant! These Essex lads don't play about and are right in your face from the opening of 'Scoundrel' and will stay there until you give into them. Another plus is that you can download Scoundrel for free off of their MySpace. Do it, you won't be disappointed. I can see British Standard becoming memorable and bigger as the years go on.

Favourite Song; Well it has to be is the only one I've heard.

And the thrid band I have for you is called Helium from Huddersfield who mix rock, blues and calming rhythms to produce some excellent music. These guys are jumpers, in the sense that no two songs sound the same which is what I like about Helium. They have songs that appeal to everyone. One second they've got a song that will calm your nerves and they jump to a funk induced frenzy. Helium will keep on rising and rising with their music. They are also giving their songs away. Huzzah!

Favourite Song: Some Things

Well I'll update this blog again on Monday, unless something comes up which I'm hoping won't.

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