Thursday, 27 August 2009

Album Review: Chasing Rabbits - Tab & Anitek

So to mark my return I'm celebrating the return of a very good musician. Many of you may remember I mentioned Tab way back when he was releasing Poet in The Dark. Poet in The Dark was a mind opener, not just an album but an insightful journey. So what does Chasing Rabbits hold for us? Well I don't think anyone can describe it better than the artist himself:

"This album is for anyone who gave up on a dream to settle for the mediocre... For anyone medicated for asking questions.. Judged for being different.. Hated for being honest.. This is the soundtrack for those stuck on the slow road to nowhere... For BIG dreams in shitty towns.. For anyone chasing something they will never find.."

So the actual album then? What is it? Good? Bad? Okay?

In my opinion it's great follow up to Poet in the Dark. Tab has not lost any of the talent that he first showed and it seems to have improved. His style seems to have matured a bit more and the songs on Chasing Rabbits seem a lot more ordered and grown up than his previous releases.

My favourite songs from the record:

Charades - The opening to this song is amazing, the spanish guitar really makes this song seem to have that more soul. Also there's a bit of a throwback to a song from Poet in The Dark here, my favourite song from that record which was Sun Goes Down. He has taken the formula for that song and made something that is familiar but unique at the same time.

Vitamin Shoppe - Here Tab tackles an issue that isn't really discussed and that is addiction to prescribed medicine. Many produce songs about drug abuse but Tab is one of the few that looks at the issue from another standpoint. This is the track that really hits out a healthcare system that seems to thrive of abuse.

The Ballad of The Man That Never Made It- This tune, I think, will be the definitive song of the whole album. I don't think any other song on the album comes close to the whole message of the album and Tab's message above about all the people who failed to realise their dreams. It's slow and follows Tab's continuous story telling model. If I had to pick a single to promote the album, that would probably be it.

Full Track Listing:

1. Down The Rabbit Hole
2. Scrapbook
3. Vitamin Shoppe
4. House of The Rising Son
5. Cheap Disguise
6. Here Comes The Rain
7. Charades
8. Last Call
9. Manipulated Living
10. Ballad of The Man That Never Made It
11. Elmer Fudd Theory

All in all I give the album a solid 4 out of 5. If you are a hip hop fan or a music fan in general then this album deserves to be in your collection. So what are you waiting for? It's avaliable now to buy.