Thursday, 26 February 2009

I'm still going!

Yes! I haven't stopped posting in a row yet. I knew writing this in the morning would have a better rate of success than when I used to do it mid afternoon when I hit the lazy stage. Also thanks to the bands who are sending MP3's for the podcast. If things go well then it will be up be the end of next week. However if some unexpected stuff happens then it will be pushed back depending on what actually happens. I do know that next weekend (Friday 6th to Sunday 8th) I will not be updating this site due to a family occassion. Other than that nothing major should get in the way. Let us begin.

The first band of today goes by the name of Controller, who are from the UK ( I could say Kent due to the interview with BBC Kent but I don't want to be wrong. Though if you are from Kent, Controller, you are doing us proud!). This pack of 4 is led by Jenna Donnelly who has a fantastic voice which really brings the music to life. of course it is helped by the musicians, Louis Newell on guitar, Paul Townsend on drums and Ethan Maltby on Bass, who bring amazing rhythm and tone that blend incredibly well with Jenna's voice. The music covers mainly relationships, well that's what I get from it, though I suppose you could take away your own meaning. I can see Controller going far and so also nominate them as a BTB Sound of 09 act.

Favourite Song: Something to Walk Out On.

The next act I have is Tab, more than just a rapper/singer but a lyrical genius. Tab hails from New Jersey and has been involved in music for the majority of his life. He has picked up a lotover the years and listening to his songs you can tell that he is a quality act. In a tip when R&B, Hip Hop and Rap has been invaded by those who go on about how great they are and how much money they have, it's refreshing to have an artist of the genre who goes back to what hip hop was and was meant to be, mainly sending a message of the wrongs of the world, sending messages to the people. I know a lot of my readers don't like rap or hip hop but give Tab a listen and tell me he isn't good. Tab, if you're reading this, consider me one of your newest fans and someone who will be spreading the word.

Favourite Song: There's too many to choose from.

Anyway that's today's post done. If you want to contact me:

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