Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Finally! (Part 2)

After much haggling over the phone and the cost of a small fortune, I finally have the internet up and running in my flat so now I can type this from the comfort of my living room instead of the crowded computer suite on campus. Oh happy days indeed! Now that we're all expecting regular updates of this here blog, I am restarting production on the BTB Podcast which means I need your music to showcase! Let's restart this journey and get it going properly.

The first act are called Dandelion Wine from New York City. This trio don't just make music for music's sake but also to convey messages of the world we all live in and by bringing these messages out, they try to make the world a better place to live in. The actual music they play is a relaxed, mellow sound and though there are some similarities to other indie bands, there is also enough of a difference to put Dandelion Wine in their own little niche. Dandelion Wine, with their sound, make you think maybe life isn't so bad. Give them a listen and let the sound wash over you.

Favourite Song: Drunk Driving

The second band today is called The Boundary who are from Almada, Portugal. These guys are the more typical indie band which we here on the radio quite a lot. However this does not take away the fact that The Boundary are an entertaining band. Their songs have kind of any early Libertines vibe about them which gives them a good staying power. I say give them a listen and discover another good indie band.

Favourite SongL Overrated.

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