Saturday, 12 September 2009

Album Review: Revolutions by Agency

Another week, another album review. This weeks album is brought to you by Agency and is titled Revolutions. A lot of you may remember Agency being mentioned way back when this blog was only a few weeks old. Back then, they had quite few good tracks on their MySpace.

Revolutions is what most in the music business dub as the difficult second album. A band has already cemented their sound in their first album and songs so the second album sets out to build on that success. Have Agency built on that success? Let's see.

The album opens with a short untitled intro before directly launching into 'Ours'. This song is a straight up rock song, fast paced and eager to please. Well it should please all rock fans with its great riffs and loud drumming. 'Ours' is short, fast and great.

We then move straight all out rock to a bit of a short ballad entitled One For Us. It's a bit slower and deeper than 'Ours'. It's a good song to hear and if I had to pick the a potential hit for Revolutions, then 'One For Us' would be it.

From here on in the album seems to take a turn for a slower vibe which has it's ups and downs. 'Went Looking' comes directly after One For Us and would be called the long ballad. It does merit a place on the album but in my opinion I think it should have been further down the track listings.

Things speed up again at track 6 called Get Up. This is what I would pick out as the definite hit of Revolutions with everything here blending perfectly to create a incredible rock song. However this seems and track 7 called 'Transient' seem to be the last true independent songs on the album. The 2nd half of Revolutions just seems to blend into one with no tracks really standing out. They are all a good listen but don't make themselves known like the first half of the album.

I'm going to give this album a respectful 7 out of 10. Revolutions is to be recommended to fans of alt. rock music looking for something slightly different.

Favourite Tracks: Ours and Transient.

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