Friday, 1 August 2008

Damn Work!

Yes I have been working pretty much non stop so I haven't had the time to review any bands however this working condition should subside by Monday. Until then expect this to be the update to tide you over this weekend. Of course to do that I have to tantalize and tease you so that is what I will do.

The first band only have an EP teaser on their MySpace but this one teaser gives insight to more talent than most bands manage through a whole set list of songs. They go by the name of Kids Uncanny and they are from London. You can tell from this teaser they do all kind of styles and mixes and because of them I'm now going to have to end my money saving habit and buy their EP when it comes out. If this means I don't have heat for month then so be it because the talent this band shows is worth it.

Favourite Song: If only there was more than the teaser. I already need their songs!

The second band I have for you are called British Standard and after only hearing one song on their MySpace I think they are brilliant! These Essex lads don't play about and are right in your face from the opening of 'Scoundrel' and will stay there until you give into them. Another plus is that you can download Scoundrel for free off of their MySpace. Do it, you won't be disappointed. I can see British Standard becoming memorable and bigger as the years go on.

Favourite Song; Well it has to be is the only one I've heard.

And the thrid band I have for you is called Helium from Huddersfield who mix rock, blues and calming rhythms to produce some excellent music. These guys are jumpers, in the sense that no two songs sound the same which is what I like about Helium. They have songs that appeal to everyone. One second they've got a song that will calm your nerves and they jump to a funk induced frenzy. Helium will keep on rising and rising with their music. They are also giving their songs away. Huzzah!

Favourite Song: Some Things

Well I'll update this blog again on Monday, unless something comes up which I'm hoping won't.

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